EPD Turkey

EPD Turkey, run by the SÜRATAM Sustainability Services, is a fully aligned regional programme of the Swedish-based The International EPD® System. EPD Turkey has been offering EPD certificate registration services to manufacturers in various sectors since 2014. 

SÜRATAM is established to develop clean and sustainable production in Turkey through research and development, and design thinking based on life cycle approaches. It aims to facilitate energy and resource efficient production and manufacturing and life-cycle oriented design thinking in product / service / process / system development. Established in 2014 by the private sector and supported by industry, SÜRATAM offers R&D support and the technical expertise to its members and production companies with R&D Centre established with government support. 

SÜRATAM provides consultancy services to identify the needs in the field of sustainability, to determine roadmaps for the implementation of the goals and to provide the necessary technical and guidance support. It offers unique solutions in the fields of obtaining sustainable product certificates, corporate sustainability reports, product and corporate carbon calculations, sustainable finance external reviews, lifecycle-oriented database development partnership and training.

SÜRATAM / EPD Turkey is a member of ECO Platform, an entity that was established by Construction Products Europe to harmonize EPDs for construction products in compliance with EN 15804. Through harmonisation, ECO Platform also aims to prevent the creation of commercial barriers in construction materials across Europe by implementing EPD certificates. ECO Platform is an umbrella organisation for which only EPD Operators, LCA consultants and construction sector non-profit stakeholders can become a member.


You can find ECO Platform registered EPD documents published by EPD Turkey in here

Through EPD Registrations, TurCoMDat database, containing environmental performance from digitized EPDs of construction products manufactured in Turkey.  TurCoMDat aims to allow Turkish construction products manufacturers better access to the emerging green building market across Europe.


Please click here to see the TurCoMDat Flyer.


What is Environmental Product Declarations – EPD®?

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificates are declarations that quantitatively evaluate and declare the environmental performance of a product or service, as described according to ISO 14025, on the basis of the parameters specified in the framework of ISO 14040 standards. EPDs present environmental impacts of a product from supply of raw materials to manufacturing and end of life stages assessing parameters such as energy use, emissions and waste creation using various impact indicators. They are business-to-business oriented and takes into account the ecological footprint and various emission values of activities during the manufacturing process by using life cycle assessment (LCA). Prepared independently with the information provided by manufacturers, EPDs consists of the technical description of products, details of the manufacturer and LCA results.


Why Is It Important?


  • EN 15804-compliant EPD certificates, which are described in the sustainability criteria for buildings in Europe, were first requested by the European Directive on Construction Products in 2013. EPD helps fulfil the requirements related to sustainable use of resources in manufacturing in order to obtain the CE mark for construction products.
  • In green building certification systems such as LEED, BREEAM and DGNB, EPD-certified construction products contribute extra points.
  • At building level, EPD certificates help to certify quantitative environmental indicators such as carbon footprint, energy and water consumption per square meter usage area.
  • Manufacturers of construction products can demonstrate environmental awareness as a corporate responsibility, by declaring the environmental impact of their activities. 
  • Thanks to the LCA studies, which are the basis for EPD certification, a detailed scrutiny of the environmental impact resulting from the manufacturing processes and supply chain for construction products can be made, which allows new policies to be proposed.
  • It creates a basis for eco-design approaches related to energy and resource efficiency.


EPD Turkey issues internationally acknowledged EPD certificates in Turkey via the International EPD System, which is the most comprehensive EPD system in Europe for sectoral coverage. The European Commission has developed the EN 15804 standard to create an equivalent application system across Europe and to harmonize the EPD systems to remove barriers to business. EPD Turkey can handle EPD certification of construction products which comply with this standard.