General Programme Instructions (GPI)

The General Programme Instructions are the rules guiding the overall administration and operation of the International EPD® System in accordance with ISO 14025. The current version is 3.01.

General Programme Instructions (v3.01) in English

EPD template – Construction products (EN 15804)

EPD template – Construction products (EN 15804:A2)

EPD template – All other product categories

This template is intended as a voluntary best practice template. The template does not override the mandatory requirements as set by the PCR.

Companies creating EPDs may perform the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) themselves or benefit from the assistance of an external LCA practitioner if they do not have the in-house expertise. The list is offered as an information service without any warranties in order for companies and consultancies to more easily find each other. Consultancies not on this list or in-house experts may also perform the LCA.

List of LCA Consultants

EPDs must be independently verified before registration and publication. There are two types of verifiers that may carry out this process: accredited certification bodies and approved individual verifiers. The verifiers work independently in seeking out assignments and arrange contacts with potential clients without the involvement of EPD Turkey and The International EPD System Secreteriat. Only verifiers currently listed on this page are approved to carry out EPD verification.

List of Independent Verifiers

Mandatory templates for verification of construction product EPD:

Verification report (EN 15804)

Verification report (EN 15804:A2)

Dialogue with verifier

This template is mandatory to use for EPD of construction products claiming compliance with the standard EN 15804.

Voluntary template for verification of other product categories (non-construction product):

Verification report

Dialogue with verifier