BAK-AY D4F 70/30 Cotton Linen Yarn




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D4F 70/30 Cotton Linen Yarn is 70% cotton / 30% linen yarn dyed with Dye4Future waterless dyeing technology developed by Bak-Ay Tekstil using sulphur dyes. These yarns are intended to be used for many types of fabrics including jeans, fancy fabric, accessories and home textiles.
D4F 70/30 Cotton Linen Yarn is available in any colour combinations in counts from Ne 6/1 to Ne 50/1. D4F 70/30 Cotton Linen Yarn can be combined with off-white yarns without any dirt issues.
Dye4Future™ Technology
Dye4Future™ is the future proof dyeing technology developed by Bak-Ay Tekstil for environmentally friendly and resource efficient dyeing of cotton and cotton yarn mix cellulosic fibres by indigo and sulphur dyestuff. Dyeing is performed under very low oxygen conditions to avoid dye stuff loss and prevent water pollution. Dye4Future™ technology is the solution for environmentally friendly dyeing for future and sustainable textiles.


Bak-Ay Tekstil has been in the textile market since 1984. After many years of research and development, Bak-Ay launched the Dye4Future dyeing technology in early 2019 and provides the market with many types of yarns with reduced environmental impacts due to this new dyeing process. This sustainable technology is a new addition to already existing denim yarn dyeing plant with a monthly capacity of 30 tons in operation since 2014. With sustainability in mind, the company brings new breath and innovation into world textile market with the fabrics they produce by evaluating the yarns produced within their weaving and knitting plants where polyester, polyester cotton, viscose, nylon, nylon lycra and linen mix fancy fabrics are produced.
Certified to many standards such as Eco Tex100, GOTS-TR, Bak-Ay serves well-known companies such as ZARA, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Ann Taylor and BCBG without compromising the principles of quality and fast service, and exports to many countries such as the USA, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and England.




Climate Declarations


Climate Declarations


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