Boskay Metal Hot-Rolled Steel Products

Boskay Metal Hot-Rolled Steel Products

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EPD document prepared for Boskay Metal Hot-Rolled Steel Products registration number S-P-04885 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.

This EPD covers the following steel products of Boskay Metal; Hot Rolled Steel Flat Bars, Hot Rolled Steel Equal Angle Bars, Hot Rolled Steel Square Bars and Hot Rolled Steel Round Bars. Besides from the final shapes of the products, the raw materials, transport, and manufacturing inputs are the same. The information of the product designation, standard on dimensions & shape, steel grades and steel standards are as follows:

– Hot Rolled Steel Flat Bars: From 10X2,8 mm to 150X30 mm – S235JR-S275J – EN 10025-1:2004

– Hot Rolled Steel Equal Angle Bars:  From 20X20X1,9 mm to 100X100X12mm- S235JR-S275JR – EN 10025-1:2004

– Hot Rolled Steel Square Bars:  From 10X10 mm to 80X80 mm – S235JR-S275JR – EN 10025-1:2004

– Hot Rolled Steel Round Bars: From 10 mm to 80 mm- S235JR-S275JR – EN 10025-1:2004


Boskay Metal began to its journey in the iron and steel industry with its rolling mill facility established in 1990, realizes production of equal angle bars, flat bars, round bars, and square bars. From production to logistics services, Boskay Metal which continuously improves all its processes in accordance with the current trends offers to its customers the opportunity to grow together by creating a competitive advantage. With a production annual capacity of about 160.000 tons and 255 employees, Boskay Metal manufactures products safely used both in the domestic market and export markets.

They have been exporting our products to about 100 countries all around the world; especially to Africa, Central America, South America, and Middle East. Boskay Metal is ranked 496th among Top Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Firms and 292nd among the Top 1000 Exporter Companies of Turkey in 2021. Their principles are customer satisfaction, sustainability, innovation for development, building powerful organizational culture, strategic management, and people oriented. Their vision is considering the vision of reaching a respectable, stable, and strong position in the industry with entrepreneurial spirit and courage. In addition, they accept the mission of being a world company that raises the life quality of people by producing high-value-added steel products with social responsibility and environmental awareness and is committed to continuous improvement.




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