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Hüseyinli Mah. Beykoz Cad. No: 222/4 Çekmeköy – İstanbul


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Cement Based Ceramic Adhesive Mortar

Application Field

•Used for fixing of ceramics and tile coating materials on horizontal and vertical surfaces for interior areas and on floor applications for exterior areas.

•Applied on cement-based plasters on dry and medium wet areas, walls; and on cement-based screed and concrete flooring on floor areas.


Entegre Harç Company, which was founded for the production of industrial lime in İstanbul in 1978 by 18 entrepreneurs, was taken over by Ata Construction Group in 1989. It was converted into Lafarge Group (world leader in the production of building materials) and Ata Holding joint venture in 1995.

Entegre, had undertaken the leadership of machine applied plaster sector in the Turkish market with its innovative structure. With this innovative and pioneering approach, Entegre has a wide range of products that add value to buildings and offer quality and cost-effective solutions in every part of the building.

Entegre’s product range consists of Cement Based Plasters, Decorative Plasters, Technical Mortars, Water Proofing Products, Thermal Insulation Products, Tile Adhesives and Joint Fillers, Lime and Aggregate product groups.

Without compromising on quality in its service approach, Entegre has determined the satisfaction of its customers and employees as well as its sensitivity to society and the environment as a priority. Entegre, with its advanced production technology, high capacity, high quality and wide range of products, continues to serve in the sector.

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