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Ravaber Yapı Ürünleri San. Tic. A.Ş. Organize San. Böl. 20. Cad. No: 54 Kayseri / TURKEY


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EPD document prepared for Ravaber Ceramic Fibre Blanket with registration number S-P-01674 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.

Ravaber Ceramic Fibre is a thermal insulation material consisting of long, flexible and interwoven fibres produced by twisting and spinning, for applications requiring insulation between 650 ° C – 1430 ° C. Ceramic fibre consists three elements basically; silica, alumina and zirconium and it is a thermal insulation material for high temperature.

Ravaber Ceramic Fibre blanket is used in the industrial furnace insulation, boiler, pipe and chimney’s insulation and it also used in all technical insulations, which requires high temperature. Ravaber Ceramic Fibre is produced in the Turkey’s first high-tech ceramic fibre production line that has very low shot (unfiberized) content with the amount of high pure silica and alumina. Since no chemical binder is used in the production of Ravaber Ceramic Wool, it does not produce any smoke during the first combustion and does not generate odour during combustion. Compared to fire and insulating bricks, they provide less energy and therefore provide high energy savings. Does not contain asbestos.

Ravaber Ceramic Wool is not affected by chemicals (except phosphoric and hydrofluoric acid and strong alkalis such as Na2O, K2O). The thermal and characteristic properties do not change after wetting and drying, but still have the same thermal insulation properties. Thanks to its production technology, Ravaber Ceramic Wool which has a long fibre structure is produced without the need of any chemical binder. It provides energy saving in industrial uses thanks to its ability to heat insulation up to 1430 °C in technical insulation. In addition to its high degree of thermal insulation, it is able to provide excellent sound and fire insulation.


The owner of the EPD – Ravaber – operates in more than 350 locations in 40 countries, being a member of the Belgium-based Ravago Group and a leader in the insulation industry by meeting the mineral rockwool requirement of an area of 20,000,000 sqm annually with its wide product range for thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire safety. Ravaber is located in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone with its high technology equipment investments in a total area of 80,000 sqm with 56,000 sqm indoor area. Ravaber is the biggest mineral wool manufacturer in the region with an annual production capacity of 120,000 tonnes.

In addition to 25 different types of mineral rockwool products, Ravaber is producing Ceramic Wool and Agro used in soilless agriculture. Ravaber has become the only company in the sector supplying all mineral wool products in the last quarter of 2018 by starting mineral wool production with the new production line of glass wool. Ravaber, the only manufacturer that can produce all mineralwool insulation materials under the same roof, offers a wide range of products with new Ravaber BIO according to various application areas.




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