SILKARSTONE Fiber Skin Honeycomb


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Ortamahalle, Silkar Plaza, Topkapı Maltepe Yolu No:6, 34040 Bayrampaşa/İstanbul


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SILKARSTONE, the product group of SILKARSTONE Fiber Skin Honeycomb is an innovative solution for creating dramatic, large format natural stone installations in an efficient manner. Using advanced technology, stone slabs are cut into incredibly thin sheets and laminated onto lightweight materials. The resulting product offers a more sustainable, custom approach to design, while maintaining a lower price point.



After its first quarry in 1993, which is a granite quarry named Rosalin, Silkar became a company that has a significant amount of Turkey’s natural stone reserves with its other quarries. The quarries still in operation are Dark Olive in Sivas, Vega Light in Balikesir, Cafe Latte Dark in Bursa, Castano Brown in Mersin, and finally Astra White in Greece. With exclusive rights to numerous quarries and our own production, we are in a unique position to control the quality of our product down to the last detail. In addition to ensuring the highest quality product, we also offer competitive pricing and faster lead times.

The mosaic production facility, in operation since 2008 in China, is focused on the production of labor-intensive mosaic models to achieve the highest cost efficiency without compromising the quality. In 1994, Silkar took a major step, by branding all its products as “AKDO” and entered the North American market. Developing new products by closely following the trends in the U.S., Silkar gained a new perspective in producing mosaics for other foreign markets as well. With its ability to produce marble, mosaics, and laminated stone panels all together, Silkar continues to lead the natural stone sector with its strong international network and its brand “AKDO”.

The company has EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System certifications.




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