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The TerraCotta Tiles collection has a granular sand-mix added to the premium natural clay. The slight variations of camber, size, and texture make this collection a pure unique clay art. TerraCotta Tiles can be used for wall cladding and roofs.

Intended use of Product

The Terracotta Tiles, which are based on thousands of years of use and tradition, are extremely useful. The products, which every foreman can lay with a simple lath or rope, have been preferred both indoors and outdoors for years.

Thanks to its production based on natural materials, the clay products provide a high level of sound and heat insulation. Şahtaş Terracotta Solid English Bricks and other Terracotta products, have been used as masonry in houses in England for 17 years and provide natural heat and sound insulation without the need for any additional measures.


The different types of clay that are excavated are transported to the factory and blended in order to obtain the desired quality. The clay is then mixed with water to get a slurry, and sieved to separate stones and any other unwanted material. The slurry is then pumped through the filter-presses to decrease the excess water content and achieve the desired moisture level for the clay shaping process. The clay is then shaped by extrusion which consists of pressing and molding (depending on the specific product). The shaped pieces are then dried in order to remove excess water; the drying process consists of stacking the product on kiln cars and firing the kiln with natural gas. Fired products are then packaged on wooden pallets for export and distribution.

The final products are lastly subjected to quality control, which is considered crucial in Şahtaş. Clay products may differ in shades, and the variation spectrum span should and is directly controlled by skilled workers and experts of Şahtaş. Colour spectrum in the pallet to be shipped is therefore assured by Şahtaş to be eye pleasing with smooth variations in shade. The variations aids in the overall aesthetic level of the building, giving a natural, wavy yet consistent hue; and securing the uniqueness in every pallet to be used in building projects.


Şahtaş was established as a family business in 1979 to produce machine made earthenware products in Izmir, Turkey.

In 2002, Şahtaş converted its production to 100% handmade earthenware due to an increase in customer demand for this type of product. Şahtaş’s roof and wall products have been thoroughly and independently tested for compliance across multiple international standards. Şahtas has its own in‑house laboratory which conducts continuous testing to meet necessary standards, one of which includes acoustic testing on all products prior to dispatch.

Şahtaş celebrated its 40th anniversary of production in 2019. A significant milestone was achieved in January 2021 with the export of the one hundred millionth Şahtaş tile and brick, which was exported to the United Kingdom. Şahtaş products are available through a large and growing network of stockists and distributors around the UK. Şahtaş have recently commissioned a new state‑of‑the art factory, which marks the introduction of the third generation of family ownership. The new factory will also allow the company to extend its global reach with established distribution operations in the UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Şahtaş’s production facilities are composed of two large factories which incorporate all aspects of both traditional and modern manufacturing methods. Şahtaş’s clay pits go through a thorough quality control process. Any raw material entering the production system undergoes a process known as “clay washing”, which removes all deleterious material including vegetable matter and soluble salts. This process ensures that the clay is clean, fine grained, and dense so that it is suitable for both hand making and machine manufacturing methods. Şahtaş offers its customers a wide variety of high quality building and landscaping products. The range of products include but are not limited to roof tiles, facing bricks, floor tiles, garden statuary, architectural faience, Italianate pottery, and handmade glazed terracotta ceramic tiles.

The company philosophy is built around offering its customers an excellent quality product, based on traditional production methods, whilst utilizing the latest analytical and raw material processing techniques. The fundamental objective for Şahtaş is to produce products that exceed the quality expectations of its own industry and customers. This goal is achieved through stringent in-house quality control at all levels, as well as continuous external independent testing. All Şahtaş products are produced in-house at their own factory.




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