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Dalsan Alçı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Kızılcaşar Mahallesi 1184. Cadde No:22/1 İncek 06830 Gölbaşı / Ankara – Turkey


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EPD document prepared for Dalsan Maxitek Gypsum Based Plaster with registration number S-P-04043 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.

MAXITEK, silobas ile sevk edilen alçı bazlı hazır makine sıvasıdır. Tuğla, beton, brüt beton, gazbeton, bimsblok vb. malzemeler üzerine doğrudan uygulanır. Yüksek yüzey sertliğine sahiptir. Nefes alan bir malzeme olduğundan nem oranını dengeleyerek sağlıklı bir ortam oluşturur. MAXITEK, iş gücünü artırır, uygulamacıyı yükten, şantiyeyi ise torba atığından kurtarır. MAXITEK, özel formülü sayesinde silodan pnömatik sistem ile taşınabilme özelliğine sahiptir. Yanmaz bir malzemedir. Bünyesindeki kristal sudan dolayı yangın geciktirici özelliğe sahiptir.


DALSAN is an ineradicable company almost as old as Turkish Republic, commenced the fabrication of plaster in industrial level for our country that plaster was formerly used as a healthy, durable and material of construction individually since 9000’s B.C. in Anatolia.
DALSAN has developed first workshop establishment from fabrication of teeth plaster by baking and pestling them in neighborhood bakery oven, commenced on 1932.
Today, DALSAN Alçı has fabrication capacity of more then 1 million ton of gypsum and cement based products by using modern and high technology in facilities location in Gebze and Ankara. Additionally, galvanized profiles used in drywall systems are also fabricated in these facilities.
DALSAN increases the share in market by the aim of true and qualified product delivery to customers as well as qualified and honesty based fabrication.
DALSAN succeeded to become a constantly learning institution by caring and monitoring tendencies, expectations, different acknowledges of sector. Importance given on learning among structure of company provides a basis to variety of product range and meet demands of consumers effectively. Continuous learning habit dominant in DALSAN accompanied with information and talent constitutes the most important dynamic of a better and eco-friendly fabrication.
DALSAN is a manufacturer with high export potential due to its location. Today, DALSAN exports to almost 70 countries in the world from both Gebze and Ankara plants.
DALSAN certifies that the goods and services to its customers are supplied with the internationally accepted ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Together with ISO 9001 Quality Management,DALSAN follows and applies ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
Prior aim of DALSAN for the future is, to be on the top of the line in the technological competition made in plaster and plaster board fabrication by developing the fabrication more and more. Under favour of accumulation of knowledge and importance given to research and development studies, we offer all the needs of a construction from floor to roof.




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