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ASAŞ Alüminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Rüzgarlı Bahçe Mah., Kumlu Sok. No.2 Asaş İş Merkezi, 34810 Kavacık, Beykoz- İstanbul, Türkiye


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EPD document prepared for Asaş Painted Aluminium Sheet with registration number S-P-04792 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.

Aluminum Flat Products Production Facilities were established in Sakarya – Karapürçek in 2014 within the body of ASAŞ in order to meet the growing demand for high quality products in the Turkish and world markets. The facility provides services in a total area of 310,000 m², of which 135,000 m² is closed, with a total flat product capacity of 120,000 tons, of which 45,000 tons are painted annually. In the facility, plates and foils are produced in different alloys (1000-3000-5000-8000 series) and conditions, in requested sizes and surface properties (plain, embossed, painted, laminated coated).

Aluminum painted sheets are all stretched aluminum sheet products of different sizes and colors. Painted aluminum is the product that comes out by coloring aluminum sheets and plates. Painted plates are covered with a protective film.

Compliance with EE, AA, ASTM norms is essential in all processes. It is used on interior and exterior facades for decorative purposes.


Based on its stable financial growth trend since its establishment in 1990, ASAŞ is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe and exports to more than 90 countries across 6 continents. With over 3000 employees, ASAŞ provides services for its clients at its Aluminium Extrusion Profile, Aluminium Composite Panel, Aluminium Flat Rolled Products, PVC Profile and Roller Shutter production facilities which are located in a total of 923.000 m² area, of which 300.000 m² is enclosed, in Turkey. Company offers the advantage of keeping all processes under control both in terms of quality & cost and getting service from a single point with its fully integrated manufacturing facilities which combines all the production functions that customers needed in the supply chain. ASAS GmbH, sub company of ASAŞ, serves as a logistics and service center with 72.793m² closed area in neighboring Koblenz city of Neuwied, Germany.

Passion of “Adding Value” to every job it does, the sector and the society in which it operates and sustainability is at the heart of ASAŞ’s business philosophy. Corporate social responsibility projects are carried out with this philosophy to strengthen the society. ASAŞART, which is positioned as an “Art Production Center, operates as a learning+ sharing+ designing+ production platform that brings art and design students together with academics and professionals. Within ASAŞART, special projects are developed to support young talents in their art carrier; aluminium sculpture contest, training programs with universities, international workshops and art exhibitions are organized. Children are at the center of ASAS’ corporate social responsibility projects. Company established ASAS Basketball Club so as to support children to be successful individuals in the future with sports as well as social and educational activities.

ASAŞ positions itself as a solution partner with a passion of trying to foresee the future trends by following the innovations and always offering the best for its customers by investing in technology. Therefore, while making investments company adopts the principles of “continuous investment in sustainability, technology, integration and innovation” to always serve its customers better. With this perspective, company established the first R & D Center in aluminium sector in Turkey. Alloy development, process development and product development studies are carried out under the umbrella of R&D Center. Company develops projects to use its resources more efficiently and grows with environment friendly investments. Besides these, ASAŞ takes part in international projects to contribute the development of new processes that helps to minimize the environmental impact of the production processes and increase the energy efficiency.

ASAŞ produces wide range of value-added products for various sectors like automotive, railway, commercial vehicles, energy, packaging, construction, consumer products, maritime etc. worldwide. Finished and semi-finished products are produced to meet its customers’ needs in their own projects. Besides this, the company enrich its knowledge in the field of production with design & product development studies and offers its high-quality products to the market under its own brands. Aluminium architectural systems (door, window, and curtain wall systems), aluminum composite panels, u-PVC door and window systems, aluminum design products (aluminum flag and lighting poles, aluminum furniture etc.), roller shutter systems, garage doors and motor control systems are product groups that the company sells with its own brand.




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