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EPD document prepared for Peli Parke Laminate Flooring registration number S-P-06740 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.

Laminate flooring is a material obtained by gluing laminate coatings on MDF, HDF or particle boards. The bonding process is done under heat and pressure. It is produced in large sheets and then cut to the desired size. Laminate flooring surface does not need varnish or varnish like solid wood. It does not require any processing, such as flattening and so on.


Laminate flooring production is started with the formaldehyde process. Formaldehyde is produced at the facility. In this process, formaldehyde is produced as a result of the oxidation of methanol with oxygen. The next production process is glue production. In this process, formaldehyde is used as the raw material of glue. For the production of glue, in addition to formaldehyde, urea, melamine, phenol, and other additives are also used in production. Glue is produced by mixing all the inputs at a certain temperature. The next process is impregnation. In this line, the raw overlay paper, raw decor paper, and raw balance paper are impregnated with impregnation additives. In HDF production, which is the main raw material of laminate flooring, sawlog, additives, and also the glue that is produced in the facility are used. HDF is produced by going through the processes of chipping, sifting, gluing, drying, and sizing. Overlay, balance, and decor papers impregnated in the impregnation facility are hot pressed on HDF in the Hymmen line. HDF enters the Hymmen line with the impregnated papers. Balance paper is placed on the bottom layer of HDF, decor paper is placed on the top layer of HDF, and overlay paper is placed on top of decor paper.The output product goes to the flooring production line and is cut and packaged to be laminated flooring in the desired dimensions and is ready for delivery at the factory gate.

Intended Use of Product

Laminate flooring is a particularly useful and robust alternative to solid wood. It does not wear easily and there is no damage when walking with shoes on it. It contributes in terms of heat saving and draws attention especially with its compatibility with underfloor heating systems. Laminate flooring is very easy to clean. It has a chemical resistant structure. It does not stain, does not smell. Thus, it is suitable for use at home or in the office environment. It has a structure that is not easily scratched and is resistant to impacts. It is one of the most suitable floor coverings used in offices, residences or workplaces today. It is not affected by sunlight, so problems such as fading are not encountered. Laminate flooring is very easy to maintain and can be swept with a vacuum cleaner and wiped with a damp cloth.

Peli Parke

Turanlar Group employing 200 people for parquet production within the scope of Hymen, sandpaper, Homag, packaging and storage business processes and employing around 450 people as a Group, is known for using “Peli” expression, which is originating from “valonia” (“Pelit” in Turkish), as prefix for its brands. Turanlar Group, taking part in the sector with Peli Parke brand, having a 20% market share when imported products included, produces 20% of the total sector volume, which is around 120 million m2 annually.

As a trailblazer in the paper and forestry products industry, Peli Parke has been introducing the colors, patterns and comfort of nature to spaces for more than half a century. With thousands of dedicated employees and an experienced staff that blends expertise with passion, we are both a pioneer in the international market and one of the biggest integrated manufacturers of forestry products in Turkey. We believe that success is valuable only when it is sustainable and maintain all our operations in line with this perspective under the motto of “respect for nature.” As the parquet brand of innovation and elegance and with the largest product range in Turkey, we touch the lives of our consumers with our top of the line products as well as our social responsibility projects. Under the slogan “Wherever There is Life”, we serve across Turkey with five regional directorates and over 1,000 dealers in Turkey and abroad, proudly becoming a brand of choice with each passing day due to our investments.




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