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Üniversiteler, Beytepe Köyü Yolu, Bilkent No:5, 06800 Çankaya/Ankara


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EPD document prepared for Tepe Betopan Tepe Unique Pro with registration number S-P-06755 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.

Pressed, through colored fiber cement boards with high durability class and water repellency, ready to use and do not require paint. Different trend colors (Light Gray, Gray, Anthracite, Cream, Mustard Yellow, Tile Red, Green); It has flat and line sanded surface appearances. Tepe Unique Pro®, which is preferred in all areas where high strength is required, provides advantages, dimensions and application areas are given.

 Creating timeless surfaces through its natural appearance and soft tonal transitions,

  • Has different surface options, including flat and fine line sandpaper,
  • Being a self-colored and water-repellent finishing material on walls, facades, eaves and ceilings,
  • Contributing to the energy efficiency of buildings,
  • Application of ventilated curtain wall system with mechanical assembly. (No paint required.)
  • Easy to install and modification.
  • Easy to cut and drill.
  • Light weight and easy to carry.
  • Protect the building from different weather conditions.
  • Provides for heat and acoustic insulations.
  • Resistant to seasonal changes.
  • Resistant to effect of sunlight.
  • Resistant to moisture and water.
  • Resistant to impact.
  • Contributing to heat and sound insulation,
  • Non-flammable.
  • Environment friendly, asbestos free.
  • Odourless and does not release toxic gas.
  • Insect-proof, non putrescible, no moulding.


  • Thickness: 8/10/12 mm 
  • Wıdth: 1250 mm 
  • Length: 3000 mm

Customer specific cuts can be made in the required dimensions in width and length.

Areas of Application

  • In the construction of interior and exterior walls of all kinds of buildings, 
  • In ventilated curtain wall systems, 
  • In insulated cladding systems,
  • On all surfaces in prefabricated and light steel structures,
  • In the building sections created with steel construction,
  • As a finishing material,
  • In all kinds of claddings on exterior and interior,
  • In wet areas, under tile applications,
  • Ceiling cladding on exterior and interior,
  • In mezzanine systems,
  • As the bottom board of roof top coatings,
  • As a support material for cabinets or panels,
  • On the walls, parapets and ceilings of balconies and terraces,
  • In soffits,
  • In steel column and false column coatings,
  • In the construction of site perimeter fences,
  • On the shaft walls.


Foundations of Bilkent Holding were established by Prof.Dr. İhsan Doğramacı in 1968 to operate in construction sector.

TEPE BETOPAN YAPI MALZEMELERİ SAN. TİC. A.Ş., operating under the roof of Bilkent Holding, has established first cemented particle board factory in Bilkent, Ankara in Turkey in year 1984 and by starting with production of its registered brand Betopan® it has realized its first export in 1987.

The factory was revised in 1999 by using modern technology systems and the capacity was doubled. With the purchase of the other cement bonded particle board factory established in Arhavi in 2001, the company became the only related corporation in Turkey, and one of the few manufacturers in the world with its capacity of 60,000 m3 Betopanplus® product, both surfaces of which are reinforced with natural minerals, with a very low relative humidity movement, and high strength joined the company’s product range in 2001 as a result of R&D activities carried out within the company.

In the years to follow, wooden-textured Yalıpan® and stone-textured Taşonit® products with Betopanplus® features were offered to the market.In 2008, the production line in Arhavi was moved to the Ankara-Bilkent Facilities and all production was combined at one point.

The company expanded its product range with new surface textured products in middle of year 2011, upon the growing demand and interest in the exterior panels and cladding system.

Considering it as a principle to produce nature friendly, natural products with its information accumulation, Tepe Betopan A.Ş. started the production of tepePAN brand fiber reinforced cement board (Fibercement Board) in 2014 by establishing its second factory with an annual capacity of 50,000 m3 in Ankara ASO 2nd OSB Facilities, which has LEED Gold Certificate.

In year 2017 starting with wood textured tepePAN Wood, stone textured tepePAN Stone branded products, the company introduced fiber-reinforced cemented board products in different decorative textures to the market. Producing Turkey’s first building board, Tepe Betopan manufactured the first self-colored fiber cement board in our country, Tepe Unique Pro, in 2019.

Our company, which is epitomic for the sector in every sense with its social responsibility projects, respect for the environment, importance to business ethics and quality policies, was included in the TURQUALITY® – Brand Program in 2014 in order to ensure the continuity of its development in the international competitive environment and to contribute to the positive “Made in Turkey” image abroad. Our company was accepted to the Turquality support program in 2020.

Following the press investment commissioned in 2021, tepePAN Pro, with its high strength feature, has joined the product range. In the same year, Tepe Betopan became one of the 4 Turkish partners participating in the Iceberg Project within the scope of EU Horizon 2020, where world-class science, the development of advanced research skills, and the access of researchers to the best infrastructures are supported.

Tepe Betopan, which brought the new generation under roofing sheet under the brand of tepePAN Roof to the sector in 2021, continues its quality journey with the surface calibration, water-repellent application, and furnace investments made in the tepePAN factory in 2021 in line with the goal of “Always forward, to the best”, which our founder also pointed out.

Our company, a member of İMSAD – Building Materials Manufacturers Association, is one of the few manufacturers in the world, exporting to more than 50 countries on 5 continents, producing both cement-bonded particleboard and fiber cement board




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