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  • Ozkan Celik Bearing Steel

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    English EPD Document

      EPD document prepared for Ozkan Celik Bearing  Steel with registration number S-P-04091 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and the International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.
    Bearing steel is special steel featuring high wear resistance and rolling fatigue strength. High-carbon chromium bearing steel is used as materials of bearings and for other purposes. OZKAN CELIK Özkan Steel was founded in 1953 and has its headquarter and production sites in İzmir-Aliağa over an area of 460,000 m². Özkan Steel, having a melting capacity of 1,000,000 tons and rolling capacity of 700,000 tons per year, has been active in producing special steel profiles for the Shipbuilding, Offshore, Onshore, Automotive, Mining and Tunneling, Railways, Agriculture, Earth Moving, Material Handling, Machinery, Energy and Commercial Construction sectors.   Özkan Steel is exporting to more than 120 countries every year and has established itself worldwide as a well-known and trusted brand name in these sectors for its high quality, on-time delivery, flexibility, customer specific solutions and high customer satisfaction. By regarding the production of value added products as a corporate principle, Özkan Steel has been using its over 60 years of experience in hot rolling of special profiles to increase its product portfolio continuously.   Özkan Steel’s product portfolio is consist of over 3,600 different sizes of profiles produced in three rolling mills with a rolling capability of 3.5 kg/m to 600 kg/m steel profiles. This accumulated experience grants Özkan Steel the ability to be one of the leading steel companies in the production of special steel grades and special steel profiles throughout the world.
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