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  • Valfsel Brass Mixers

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    English EPD Document

    EPD document prepared for Valfsel Brass Mixers with registration number S-P-01985 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System.  Registered EPD document applies to all global markets. E.C.A. products include basin mixers, sink mixers, bath and shower mixers, concealed bath and shower mixers, bidet mixers, tap, drain system, shower systems, urinal taps and valves. these products are separated into 3 groups as mechanical mixing valves, combination taps, and technology series such as automatic shut-off valves, thermostatic mixing valves and electronic opening and closing sanitary tapwares.   Valfsel Valfsel, foundations of which were laid in 1957 as ECA Pres Döküm Sanayi Ltd. Sti., gained its legal entity in 1978 in Istanbul Samatra as Valfsel Armatür Sanayi A.S. Today, Valfsel Armatür Sanayi A.S. employs 140 officials and 310 workers in 2 factories as Manisa 1 and Manisa 2, treat 4980 tons brass product annually in a closed area of 20 547 m2 located within a total area of 62 281 m2, and manufactures 4 200 000 pieces of various armatures, inner mechanisms, siphons and accessories. Main product range of the company is Single and Dual Flywheel Shower and Bath Armatures, Single and Dual Flywheel Sink, Washbasin and Bidet Faucets, Photocell Faucets, Time Adjusted Faucets, Built-in Bathroom Armatures as well as Inner Mechanisms, Siphons and Accessories compatible with armatures manufactured. Along with its high capacity, Valfsel ranks among the important complete facilities when Casting, Forging, Multiple Shaft Automatic Machine, Multiple Station Processing, Polishing and Surface Coating starting from Design stage and Assembly Units finally, are taken into consideration.
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