Emek Boru Bare Spiral Welded Steel Pipe

English EPD Document


EPD document prepared for Emek Boru Bare Spiral Welded Steel Pipe with registration number S-P-01307 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.


Bare Spiral Welded Steel Pipes manufacture according to customer specification request. Field of Applications of Bare Spiral Welded Steel Pipes are Crude Oil Pipelines, Natural Gas Pipelines, Water Supply Lines, Foundation Piles, Industrial Pipeline Networks, Steel Structures, Refineries and other Special Purpose Applications.


Bare Spiral Welded Steel Pipe production start with coil to pipe forming. Formed pipe continue with internal and external welding. After than sizing or cutting process, the bare pipes becomes ready for use.


Emek Boru


Launching its spiral welded steel pipe production in 1983, the Company integrated with the Ceceli Group in 1990. Developing still its product ranges neat to the ever increasing customer demands, Emek Boru is committed to leveraging the quality of its production up to the highest

attainable grade, through a variety of investments it makes on production technologies and its human resources. Emek Boru has an annual production capacity of 82 000 tons.


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