Calik Denim CALIK-DPR-BD-611

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EPD document prepared for Calik Denim CALIK- DPR-BD-611 with registration number S-P-02239 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.


  • CALIK DPR-BD 611 is made of 100% recycled cotton. The composition includes 80% Pre Consumer and 20% Post Consumer Recycled Cotton. A mix of Dyepro and BetterDye methods are used in the production. Calik Denim’s sustainability-focused new dyeing method Dyepro is completelywater free- at the Rope Dyeing stage, no wastewater produced and the washing stage is phased out. No chemical waste occurs during dyeing as the chemicals are reused. Since Dyepro enables significant resource saving, it supports ecoconscious production. Better Dye process is applied at Calik Denim’s Indigo Dyeing facility to offer better environmental impact as indigo dyeing is a process

    which requires considerable amount of water and chemical substance. Ecofriendly Better Dye process is salt-free and it provides significant reduction of waste water parameters. The process leads to save valuable resources, hence it reduces the carbon footprint of products.


Çalık Denim, one of the global actors in denim fabric production, is also among the two hundred companies that export the most in Turkey. The story of Çalık Denim which holds a special place in the history of the Group as the first industrial investment of the Çalık Holding, started in Malatya, in 1987. Established with an investment of $111 million, the company has grown up to have a production capacity of 55 million meters per year in a covered area of 407 thousand square meters,

employing over 2 000 people.


Within the first decade of its foundation the company began operating the ring spinning facility in 1997 and by 2003, it became an integrated plant having added gabardine/velvet fabrics to its range of products. Over the years the company became a science center by combining its broad knowledge in fabrics with new technologies through R&D. Today, Çalık Denim’s R&D Center paves the way producing game-changing fabrics for Turkish and global textile industries.



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