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EPD document prepared for Graniser Floor Tiles with registration number S-P-04111 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.

Graniser Floor Tile is produced from kaolin, clay and feldspar. The distribution of the composition is given in the table. After production, the final products are packed. Products are packaged with recycleable cardboards and plastics. Their application area varies like houses, office and administration buildings, business and shopping centers, hotels and any type of building.



Graniser was established in 1997. The company pursues perfection and sincerity in quality management and service system.Graniser is engaged in the business of manufacturing and distributing ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles.

Young and dynamic in both people and structures, Graniser is a fast growing company and has become one of the leading ceramic tile producers in Turkey.Quality is an inherent characteristic to the Graniser trade mark. All of our material has the highest technical performance and esthetics. The long trajectory of Graniser in the production of wall and floor tiles and its dedicated bet on the technological innovation, have been a part of what is today our product: a material of the best quality. Giving the maximum attention and requirements in the selection of material, just like the supervision of the whole productive process.

Graniser has it’s headquarter in Izmir/Turkey and has a capacity of 22mn sqm (in 11 kilns and 20 production lines). Graniser produces and sells single and double – fired wall, floor and glazed tiles in various sizes and over 5.000 varieties, also decor, listellos in its 275.000 m² acre plant which is founded on Akhisar/Manisa, 70km from izmir, in Aegean Region, Turkey and established sales outlets serving customers around the world. We keep in preferential and direct contact with our clients, offering a personal treatment and a dedication that looks for the maximum satisfaction. The group has around 1100 employees.

Contemporary and innovative Graniser Seramik, which prepares collections, increases the number of its domestic and international customers day by day with the confidence it creates in its customers with its stable price policy in line with its production quality.Graniser Seramik exports to nearly 70 countries.

As Turkey’s leading ceramic tile manufacturer, it has gained a secure place in the world market by continuing its success with the ‘Stars of Export’ awards organized by Aegean Exporters’ Associations and winning the first place every year.

Our dynamic and creative organization seeking excellence for the purpose of being one of the leading global brands by increasing its market share every passing day will increase the satisfaction of the customers preferring us.

Graniser Seramik carries out all its production in accordance with TSE standards, which are accepted as national standards, and has the necessary CE certificate to export its products to European Union member countries. At the same time, it established the Integrated Production System and obtained the ISO certificate.

All of this has taken Graniser to be, right know, one of the leading companies of this sector in volume of sales, quality of the product, at the forefront of design and international presence.


Seranit, the first technical porcelain manufacturer of Turkey, is the original producer of many generic brands such as Super White that were created after an in-house R&D and P&D process. Along with standard sizes, Seranit offers 60x60cm and 60x120cm technical porcelain sizes and became the first company to introduce 90x90cm and 90x135cm tiles to the industry in 2007.


Aiming to build a better and cleaner world for the next generations, Seranit produces environmentally-friendly products within the framework of an environmentally-friendly management mentality following national and international standards. As a holder of 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, Seranit fulfills all environmental requirements by using the right raw materials and prioritizing energy efficiency in the production processes.



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