Tuna Uncoated Aluminium Profiles


English EPD Document


EPD document prepared for Tuna Uncoated Aluminium Profiles with registration number S-P-04112 has been registered and published in EPD Turkey and The International EPD System. Registered EPD document applies to all global markets.

The extruded profiles are subsequently being treated and aging furnished to give them their desired strength and the maximum profile length is 15 meters.

Aluminium is an environmental metal which can be recycled up to rate %97.


Founded in 1989, Tuna Aluminium has been producing the profiles to various sectors including automotive, machinery, building materials, lighting, energy, electronic, marine, furniture and decoration.

Tuna Aluminium able to extrude from 30g/mt to 27kg/mt and the maximum profile width is 300mm.All parameters in the extrusion process are in control for getting highest and sustainable results.


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