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    Süratam Sustainability Services functions as the local representative for The International EPD System, which originated in Sweden. It holds the exclusive international authorization within Turkey to carry out registrations for EPD documents under the name EPD Turkey, while strictly adhering to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 compliance.

    Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are formal declarations created following the guidelines of ISO 14025, aiming to assess and disclose the environmental attributes of a product or service. These declarations categorize the environmental performance using predefined criteria from the ISO 14040 series, presented in a quantitative manner.

    Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificates encompass declarations that quantitatively assess and disclose the ecological performance of a product or service. This evaluation is conducted in alignment with ISO 14025 guidelines and is founded upon the parameters outlined within the framework of ISO 14040 standards. EPDs elucidate the environmental effects of a product across its lifecycle, spanning from raw material acquisition through manufacturing to its eventual end-of-life phase. This comprehensive assessment encompasses factors like energy consumption, emissions, and waste generation, employing a range of impact indicators.

    Primarily tailored for business-to-business interactions, EPDs take into consideration the ecological footprint and diverse emission values of activities throughout the manufacturing process. This is achieved through the utilization of life cycle assessment (LCA). Assembled independently, these EPDs are formulated based on information supplied by manufacturers. They encompass technical descriptions of the products, manufacturer particulars, and the outcomes of LCA evaluations.


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    Kastamonu Entegre
    Kurtoğlu Alüminyum
    Ege Profil
    Çınar Boru
    Hatko Sport
    DNM Denim
    Weber Saint-Gobain
    Fırat Plastik
    NG Kütahya Seramik
    Borusan Boru
    Tosçelik Granül
    Tepe Betopan
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